The S-Trike

  • $4000 - 2009 S-Trike
  • $500 Luggage Bag
  • $300 - Tandem Kit
  • $1200 - Streamlined Cloth Fairing
  • $1100 - Trailer Hitch Rack for Flat Top & S-Trike
  • Used 2008 S-Trike

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Launching the S-Trike is effortless. With the caster on the front landing gear and very precise control you can take off and land in very tight areas. It is so well balanced you can also steer just by turning the glider.
The S-Trike luggage bag. You can fit 7 gallon and 5 gallon gas cans comfortably together. Or lots of camping equipment, extra gliders, fishing gear, golf clubs… Doubles as a mud flap and prop shield.
Easy and simple portability. In about 60 seconds the S-Trike can be broken down and clamped to its travel rack. By having 2 lighter pieces to deal with it is easy for a person to manage setup by themself.
The Flat Top 200 power plant is also its own backpack aircraft. If you have a tight or rough launch area you can always unhook the Flat Top and just foot launch it without the S-Trike. Or stuff it in your trunk for trips.