• Icaro Fly UL helmet


    So lightweight you don't even know you have it on! Hearing protection is super comfy!!!

  • Icaro Fly UL (Grey)


    Electronics for almost any radio are available for only $225. S-XL.

  • Axel II Paragliding Harness


  • Revel II Paragliding Harness


  • Excite II Comp Harness


  • Skywish Mountain Harness


  • Reverse Mountain/Tandem


  • Skylight Mountain/Tandem


  • Super Mini Reserve


    The Ultimate PPG Reserve: 3 lbs! Extremely Light & Small For Fastest Opening.

  • Sky Reserve Parachutes


    Sky Spare 135 ($575) or The SUPER RESCUE ($700). Designed to SAVE Your Life!!!

  • High Energy Quantum Reserves w/hook knife


    The 330, 440 or 550

  • Sky Drive Flyable Reserve Parachute


  • Tandem Motor Spreader Bars


    Fly tandem with a paramotor. Specially designed from years of experience.

  • Simonini Mini 2 Muffler


    This muffler is just over 6 lbs. More power, Less noise, and the Most reliability.

  • Weight Shift Comfort Bars


    Weight Shift Comfort bars for Flat Top Paramotors
    Made in the USA

  • Standard Comfort Bars


    Standard Comfort bars for Flat Top Paramotors
    Made in the USA

  • Fail Safe Motor Mount Kit


    For Flat Top 2006+ Paramotors. Reduces risk of motor sheering off from mount failures.

  • Carbon Fiber Seat Board


    1 full pound lighter than wood and is much stronger. Guaranteed for life against breaking.

  • Flat Top Throttle System


    Super high quality custom made in USA. Fits pretty much all other brands of Paramotors.

  • Kevlar Safety Netting Kit


    Improves safety of Fresh Breeze, Fly Products & other Paramotors.

  • Used Simonini Mini 2 Cylinder


    Less than half the price of a new cylinder. Can be honed and used again. Simonini Part #7

  • Redline 2-Stroke Synthetic Oil


    Mix 32:1 in Simonini engines. Over years of servicing engines, Redline Synthetic runs the cleanest.

  • Walbro 37-C Carburator


    Specially modified for PPG. Lightweight, runs upside down, and under high Gs.

  • Glider Stuff Sack


    Our favorite stuff sack on the market. You can't live without this bag! Won the Demo Dayz bag stuff competition.