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Are you in the market for a exiting adventure?  Do you have questions that you need answers to?  How about just a general curiosity?  Choosing a paramotor is a very important decision that should not be taken lightly.  Paraglidermall.com is here to help you with that decision.  Our staff is trained and knowledgeable so they can explain what you need to keep in mind in order to make your paramotor as safe as it can possibly be.  Things such as weight and experience play a big role in picking out your wing and getting the right paramotor package.  Don’t forget a reserve chute!  We have many safety options available to you such as helmets, radios, reserve chutes and much more!  Keep your paramotor in great working condition and stay safe out there.

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There are many people who fall subject to online bashing.  There is no one who is immune to this possibility.  Be aware of the false bashing that goes on in the paramotor industry because there are a few people who claim to be a paramotor expert or trainer.  Flying a paramotor is fun and exciting, and it is an incredibly safe sport IF you get the proper training.  The WPPGA is a reputable organization who has been bashed by such false paramotor enthusiasts who have an agenda.  The fact is, the WPPGA offers excellent training and gear advice no matter what people say about it.  Do your research and homework before falling into one of the paramotor bashing traps.  Safety should always be a number one priority and with the WPPGA it is.  They do not bash back because that is not their focus.  Your safety and training is.  For more information about the WPPGA, please go to www.WPPGA.org